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Adam hosts Boulton & Co on Sky News, weekdays, 1pm – 2pm

Adam Boulton has been at Sky News since the launch of the channel in February 1989. He is a pioneer of the innovative use of live analysis and pictures and hosted the historic Sky News debate between the three party leaders ahead of the 2010 General Election.

Adam spent the first 100 days of Barack Obama’s Presidency reporting from the US and gained an exclusive UK broadcast interview during the President’s visit to Ghana.

Adam has interviewed every Prime Minister from Sir Alec Douglas-Home to David Cameron as well as international stars and politicians. His questioning of George W Bush featured in the film “Taking Liberties”.

Adam is a winner of the Royal Television Society’s Judges’ Award and was elected 2007 Chairman of the Parliamentary Lobby. His former Sunday programme was voted “Current Affairs Show Of The Year.”

Adam has appeared on Celebrity Mastermind, Have I Got News For You, Newsnight and Bremner, Bird and Fortune. He has written 'Tony’s 10 Years: Memories of the Blair Administration’ and ‘Hung Together’ about the days after the 2010 General Election.

Adam has Masters degrees from Oxford and Johns Hopkins University. He is married to Anji Hunter; they have five children between them.

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Articles by Adam Boulton

  1. Scots Referendum: Jitters In Rival Camps

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Political Editor. Its main purpose is to prompt people how to vote on September 18 when faced with the referendum question: "Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?". The Yes campaign has long ...

  2. No Furious Debate For 'Zombie Parliament'

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Political Editor. By that they meant Parliament is doing little of substance - with MPs effectively in suspended animation, the living dead waiting for the next election. The independent think-tank the Institute for Government has just produced ...

  3. Blair's Most High-Profile Political Intervention

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Sky News Political Editor. The only difference was in tone: Mr Cameron talks sceptically of the EU, Mr Blair made the positive national and international case for membership. The former Labour prime minister put parties and ...

  4. Chilcot Report Edges Closer Amid Icy Exchanges

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Political Editor. The report has been delayed by a stand-off between the inquiry team and two successive Cabinet Secretaries, Sir Gus (now Lord) O’Donnell and Sir Jeremy Heywood, who blocked publication of conversations and private ...

  5. Seismic Events But Can UKIP Hold It Together?

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Political Editor. So where does this leave the parties? Labour increased its seats and vote share in both the council and local elections, but not by as much as UKIP. Both results point to a hung ...

  6. Lib Dems Sinking Fast As Tide Turns To UKIP

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Political Editor. We now know that this applies to coalition parties in power as well. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats both lost seats in Thursday's local elections, and the Labour Party made gains. In fact ...

  7. Euro Elections The Most Closely Watched Ever

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Political Editor. Interest is intense in the UK because, thanks to the fixed term parliament act, we can be certain that the General Election will take place on May 7, 2015. That's less than a ...

  8. New Defence Group Boss A Colourful Maverick

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Political Editor. Still just 41 years old, his career has already taken in an OBE and stints as an officer in the Black Watch, as a tutor to Princes William and Harry, a successful author, a ...

  9. PM Keen To Be Ordinary As Elections Near

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Sky News Political Editor. I can tell you Dave's is a cappuccino and he doesn't mind tucking into halal meat, provided it is clearly advertised in advance on the menu. Other than keeping body ...

  10. One-Year Countdown To UK General Election

    Posted by - Adam Boulton, Sky News Political Editor. I went to the archives under escort in search of one relatively modest document, a pamphlet printed on vellum entitled The Fixed Term Parliament's Act 2011. The Act, which was brought ...


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