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Alex Rossi is the Sky News Asia Correspondent based in New Delhi. From there, he covers news across the region including Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Alex is also deployed on major international stories around the world. Last year he spent time in Libya and Egypt reporting on the Arab Spring. He has also covered conflicts in Georgia and Lebanon. In other assignments, Alex has reported on the Asian tsunami and, from New Orleans, on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

He was one of the first correspondents to reach the Iranian city of Bam after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 2003.

Since taking up the post in Delhi, Alex has broken stories about the abuse of India’s food aid programme and the devastating affect of India’s rapid economic growth on rural life.”.

Before his posting in India, Alex was based in Brussels as Sky’s Europe Correspondent and in Russia as Moscow Correspondent.

During his time in Brussels, Alex covered a broad range of stories on the European financial crisis, from political summits to protest-filled streets.

During his posting in Moscow, Alex uncovered a number of exclusive stories on the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Alex was the first western journalist to interview Andrei Lugovoy who was identified as the chief suspect in the criminal inquiry.

Alex is married and has two children.

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Articles by Alex Rossi

  1. Plebgate Row: Sacked PC Denies Political Motive

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Sky News Correspondent. Gillian Weatherley was on duty on the Downing Street gates in September 2012 when Mr Mitchell tried to cycle through. She told the High Court that texts she sent claiming "I could topple ...

  2. Aid Boss Joins British Troops Battling Ebola

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent. Justine Greening is calling on the international community to do more in the battle against the virus. During her two-day visit Ms Greening will visit an Ebola training academy which is in the ...

  3. What Will Happen When Ebola Hits The UK?

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent. If I for instance became ill with ebola-like symptoms the first thing I would do is phone NHS 111. The operator would ask me a number of questions - the most important being whether ...

  4. Widower Of Hoax Call Nurse In Tears At Inquest

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Sky News Correspondent. Benedict Barboza told the hearing his "beloved" wife, Jacintha Saldanha, was a "bubbly, loving and caring" woman with no history of psychiatric illness. He said she had never attempted suicide before and had ...

  5. Israel's Iron Dome 'Doesn't Guarantee Safety'

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent, Ashdod. The Israeli Defence Forces say Iron Dome is highly effective but some rockets are still finding targets. In the southern city of Ashdod one rocket blasted into a petrol station causing a ...

  6. Sao Paulo Drug Addicts Gripped By 'Cracklands'

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior Correspondent. Ronaldo Laranjeira said the problem with crack use has become so acute over the last decade it is like a war. He claimed the latest research shows one-third of all users die within 12 ...

  7. World Cup Divides Nation Of Football Lovers

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent. Thousands of people have taken to the streets in the country's largest cities to demonstrate about the billions of pounds spent on building stadiums and hosting the event. Millions of Brazilians think ...

  8. World Cup: Brazil Ready 'On And Off The Pitch'

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent, in Sao Paulo. Dilma Rousseff admitted that organising the event was tough but claimed all 12 stadiums were ready and fans would be greeted with "open arms". "Brazil overcame the main obstacles and ...

  9. Rolf Harris 'Assaulted Mum And Daughter'

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Southwark Crown Court. The witnesses - who cannot be identified for legal reasons - claim the indecent assaults happened at a promotion for British paint, where Rolf Harris was appearing as a star guest. The daughter told Southwark ...

  10. Clashes Leave Ukraine Diplomacy Dead In Water

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Sky News Correspondent. The Kremlin is calling for an emergency UN Security Council meeting but nobody expects that to bring a breakthrough. So the situation remains. Pro-Russian separatists control much of the east and south and ...


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