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Alex Rossi is the Sky News Asia Correspondent based in New Delhi. From there, he covers news across the region including Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Alex is also deployed on major international stories around the world. Last year he spent time in Libya and Egypt reporting on the Arab Spring. He has also covered conflicts in Georgia and Lebanon. In other assignments, Alex has reported on the Asian tsunami and, from New Orleans, on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

He was one of the first correspondents to reach the Iranian city of Bam after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 2003.

Since taking up the post in Delhi, Alex has broken stories about the abuse of India’s food aid programme and the devastating affect of India’s rapid economic growth on rural life.”.

Before his posting in India, Alex was based in Brussels as Sky’s Europe Correspondent and in Russia as Moscow Correspondent.

During his time in Brussels, Alex covered a broad range of stories on the European financial crisis, from political summits to protest-filled streets.

During his posting in Moscow, Alex uncovered a number of exclusive stories on the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Alex was the first western journalist to interview Andrei Lugovoy who was identified as the chief suspect in the criminal inquiry.

Alex is married and has two children.

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Articles by Alex Rossi

  1. Putin Poised For Next Move In Ukraine Crisis

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent. A flare-up on a base, a rogue soldier at a checkpoint - any of these scenarios have the capacity to provide sparks to a highly combustible situation. President Vladimir Putin has always been a ...

  2. Russia Shows Its Muscle As Crimea Breaks Away

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, for Sky News in Crimea. Unidentified gunmen have taken over the parliament and the region's main airports in the space of 24 hours. They would not answer when I questioned them and asked if they ...

  3. Birmingham NEC Could Be Sold In Equal Pay Case

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent. Birmingham City Council owes thousands of women money after the courts decided it had paid them less money than men for doing the same work. The National Exhibition Centre and other assets may ...

  4. Floods: Muchelney Locals Angry As Village Cut Off

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Sky News Correspondent. For the last eight days Muchelney has been cut off from the world - it is now an island. All of the roads connecting the village are submerged under as much as six feet ...

  5. Portsmouth Shipyard Job Losses: Protests

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Sky News Correspondent. It was announced last month that more than 900 jobs are being axed, ending shipbuilding in the historic naval city for good. Lisa Fletcher, a community support officer for Unite, says the job ...

  6. Soldier's Bionic Arm Makes Medical History

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent. Corporal Andrew Garthwaite, 26, from South Tyneside, was fitted with the prosthetic limb after undergoing pioneering surgery in Austria and months of physiotherapy at a military rehabilitation centre in Surrey. He says his ...

  7. Mark Duggan 'Surrendering' When Shot By Police

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior Correspondent. The man, referred to only as Witness B, also told jurors Mr Duggan was "definitely" holding a phone in his hand when he was killed. "It looked like a phone clutched in his hand ...

  8. Adoption 'Myths' Deter Older Parents

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior Correspondent. The British Association for Adoption and Fostering commissioned a new YouGov survey which shows that one in four adults think being over the age of 40 would stop someone from being able to adopt ...

  9. Damascus: Syria's Urban Warfare At Its Worst

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Tadamon, Damascus. It is only a short drive to get there and doesn't take long before you run out of safe road. On the streets, children play and skip happily, while in the distance you ...

  10. Damascus Relieved Over Obama Climbdown

    Posted by - Alex Rossi, Senior News Correspondent, in Damascus. But the residents of this city will be offering no thanks to the United States. If anything, support for President Assad has increased due to a rise in nationalism. Syrians in ...


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