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Amanda Walker is Sky News’ US Correspondent based in Washington, a role she commenced in January 2013.

Formerly Russia Correspondent Amanda covered the 2012 presidential election and the mass protests that followed. She gained a rare, exclusive interview, in English, with Vladimir Putin and uncovered alleged voting fraud. Across Russia she has delivered special reports examining the fur industry, illegal abortion, adoption and the country’s shocking air safety record. She has covered terror attacks including the Domodedovo airport bombing and the Pussy Riot trial, gaining a rare interview with the freed band member.

Beyond Russia, she has recently reported the French and US elections, Hurricane Sandy from New York and the Libyan crisis from Malta, Italy and the country itself. She covered Euro 2012 from Ukraine and Poland and two royal tours in Africa and Canada.

Prior to her foreign posting Amanda was West of England Correspondent where her stories included extensive coverage of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Prior to Sky, Amanda worked for 5 years as an on-the-road reporter for LBC radio, where she covered the Soham murders, the 2005 general election, and the 7/7 bombings, for which she received accolades in the Observer and in The Independent.

Amanda started her career at the Hull Daily Mail before moving into BBC local radio, LBC and then on to regional TV news at ITV Border.

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Articles by Amanda Walker

  1. Boston Bombing Victim's Defiance One Year On

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. She has returned to Boston's Spaulding Rehabilitation hospital where she was treated one year ago, in the aftermath of the marathon bombing that took her leg. Spaulding only opened two weeks after the ...

  2. NSA 'Can Record Every Call In Foreign Countries'

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. The prior understanding was that the NSA bulk collected metadata which does not include call content - only times and dates. But leaked documents given by Snowden to the Washington Post claim the programme is ...

  3. Florida Election Puts Spotlight On Obamacare

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. David Jolly beat Democrat Alex Sink by two percentage points to fill the seat left vacant after Republican Bill Young died in October. Granted, "Republican wins local election in largely Republican state" doesn't ...

  4. The Forgotten History Behind 12 Years A Slave

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. An unflinching portrayal of slavery adapted from a book written by the film's main character Solomon Northup. Saratoga Springs is the town where Northup lived before he was kidnapped into slavery in 1841 ...

  5. Gay Conversion Therapy 'Could Be Harmful'

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. Moves to end the practice are growing across the US with bans in New Jersey and California. Virginia is the latest state to debate the therapy which practitioners claim can stop someone being gay ...

  6. What Impact Can The US Have On Ukraine?

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. Whether it's Syria, Egypt or now Ukraine, clear and decisive action has and continues to elude the United States. So what realistically can America do to end the violence in Ukraine? Not much ...

  7. UN Report Bolsters US Case On North Korea

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. These kind of threats had been heard before, but this time the continual verbal bombardment was striking. The reason? North Korea's deep and raw anger at the latest UN resolution on sanctions which ...

  8. Obama's Time To Secure Legacy Is Running Out

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. However, lurking behind the smiles were the festering grievances that made 2013 such a tough year for the president. The State of the Union is also about the state of a presidency. After a ...

  9. Dogs Saved From Euthanasia In America

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. Certain states only allow a 10-day window for an unwanted animal to be claimed before it is put down. South Carolina is one of them - but one animal charity has made it their mission ...

  10. Chicago: Everyday Violence In US Murder Capital

    Posted by - Amanda Walker, US Correspondent. The sign on the door reads "Parents of Murdered Children Support Group". Over the next two hours they share their stories. They are shocking and heart-breaking. Talk of gunshots, blood, violence, anger and revenge ...


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