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Dominic Waghorn is based in Washington DC as Sky News US Correspondent. Before his posting to America, Dominic spent five years as Sky’s correspondent in the Middle East.

In his years in the Middle East Dominic covered the Arab Spring, two wars and the Haiti earthquake. He was among the first western journalists to enter Libya, days after the rout of Gadaffi forces in the east, dispatching a number of revelatory exclusives from Benghazi and the road to Ras Lanuf.

Dominic was also part of Sky’s award-winning team that covered the Egyptian revolution, from the outbreak of protests and the Friday of Rage to the downfall of Hosni Mubarak and the immediate aftermath. Dominic was the first British journalist to re-enter Gaza after Hamas’ violent takeover in 2007. He also won newspaper plaudits for his coverage of the 2009 Gaza conflict.

Dominic was formerly Sky News Asia Correspondent based in China.

His journalism has won numerous awards including RTS Television Journalist of the Year and News Item of the Year in 2007 for a series of investigative stories in China and South East Asia.

The same work won him Foreign Press Association Journalist of the Year award, One World Media Journalist of the Year and a Golden Nymph for Best TV News Item at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, as well as silver and gold at the New York Festival.

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Articles by Dominic Waghorn

  1. Three Key Moments In Netanyahu-Obama Fallout

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. January this year: President Barack Obama has just given an upbeat State of the Union address. Infuriating if you are Republican. Doesn't he realise they won the recent midterm elections? In that speech ...

  2. Jeb Bush Passes Test At Conservative Jamboree

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Sky News. There were jeers and boos at the mention of his name and rumours of a walkout planned for his speech by tea party activists. Speaking at CPAC 2015 in Maryland was unavoidable ...

  3. The Cult Of Farage: Hero's Welcome In US

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US correspondent. Nigel Farage was among his fans in the US.  "He's awesome and cool," 20-year-old Alain Robert told Sky News. Political writer Randy Foreman was even more gushing saying the UKIP leader had all ...

  4. Farage To Get Hero's Welcome From US Group

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush and the National Rifle Association (NRA) gun lobby will be sharing a stage with the British politician after he was invited to address the Conservative Political Action Committee ...

  5. US-Israel Relations Hit 'Destructive' New Low

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. Far from seeking to defuse tensions ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's controversial visit to the US next week, the Obama administration has sharpened its criticism. The President's National Security ...

  6. US Disquiet Over How Europe Tackles Extremism

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. The fear of Islamists using them to commit an outrage here is a very real one. President Barack Obama called for a summit against violent extremism a long time ago. The Charlie Hebdo massacre ...

  7. Romney Bombshell Before 2016 Race Even Begins

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. Earlier in the day the former Massachusetts governor's aides had been briefing journalists that he had surveyed the electoral field of battle and believed he could win the race to be the ...

  8. Republican White House Race Is In Full Swing

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. Republican presidential hopefuls are jockeying for position and money months before the party's nomination race has officially begun. Expect political reality TV at its most brutal, contenders lining up for ordeal by ...

  9. Obama Pokes Fun As He Urges 'Better Politics'

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. Bold words for a President who has a habit of saying things that come back to haunt him, but with his approval ratings finally lifting and the economy improving Barack Obama is happy to ...

  10. State Of The Union: Obama To Herald Economy

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. He hopes improving economic fortunes will take the edge off his own political reversals, which mean for the first time both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans after the victories in recent mid-term ...


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