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Dominic Waghorn is based in Washington DC as Sky News US Correspondent. Before his posting to America, Dominic spent five years as Sky’s correspondent in the Middle East.

In his years in the Middle East Dominic covered the Arab Spring, two wars and the Haiti earthquake. He was among the first western journalists to enter Libya, days after the rout of Gadaffi forces in the east, dispatching a number of revelatory exclusives from Benghazi and the road to Ras Lanuf.

Dominic was also part of Sky’s award-winning team that covered the Egyptian revolution, from the outbreak of protests and the Friday of Rage to the downfall of Hosni Mubarak and the immediate aftermath. Dominic was the first British journalist to re-enter Gaza after Hamas’ violent takeover in 2007. He also won newspaper plaudits for his coverage of the 2009 Gaza conflict.

Dominic was formerly Sky News Asia Correspondent based in China.

His journalism has won numerous awards including RTS Television Journalist of the Year and News Item of the Year in 2007 for a series of investigative stories in China and South East Asia.

The same work won him Foreign Press Association Journalist of the Year award, One World Media Journalist of the Year and a Golden Nymph for Best TV News Item at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, as well as silver and gold at the New York Festival.

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Articles by Dominic Waghorn

  1. Obama's Golf Hobby Becomes Political Handicap

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. But the president's spokesman is still being asked about golf. The furore about Barack Obama's fondness for the game is not going away. From Dick Cheney to the New York Times ...

  2. 'Sinister Edge' To Israel Divisions Over Gaza

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Corespondent. Some things were different, but depressingly despite the passage of the time, many things were the same. This time the Israelis allowed the world's media into Gaza, rather than keeping them out and ...

  3. Why Obama's Hands Are Tied Over Gaza

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. The Obama administration has hardened its criticism of the shelling of a UN school in Gaza calling it "indefensible" and saying there is little doubt the Israelis were responsible. "We need our allies in ...

  4. North Carolina's Outer Banks 'Ban' Rising Seas

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. When scientists in North Carolina predicted global warming will cause a rise of at least a metre by the end of the century in the seas off the Outer Banks it caused uproar ...

  5. Fabien Cousteau Spends Record 31 Days Undersea

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. Fabien Cousteau returned to the surface after spending a month in a metal container known as Aquarius Reef Base on the ocean floor 63ft (19m) down. A few hours after resurfacing, Fabien said ...

  6. US Armed Drones Take To Skies Over Baghdad

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. All unmanned aerial missions will remain tasked with surveillance but the armed drones could be called on to protect the hundreds of US troops who've been sent to act as military advisers ...

  7. Clock Against Obama As Iraq Lurches Into Abyss

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. There is nothing urgent about President Obama's reaction so far. He may claim his national security team is working "round the clock" on "options".    But he personally is off to California for ...

  8. US Shocked And Angered By Iraq Conflagration

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent in Washington. Those words were spoken by Denis McDonough, then Deputy National Security Adviser, in October 2011 shortly before the completion of America's military withdrawal from Iraq. He is now the White House ...

  9. 'Hate-Fest' Takes Aim At Bowe Bergdahl Release

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. But he may soon prefer Taliban captivity to the reception he can expect back in America. Sgt Bergdahl is returning to a lynch mob headed by his fellow platoon members, and whipped up by ...

  10. White House 2016 Guessing Game Heats Up

    Posted by - By Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent, Washington. America's next presidential election is still two-and-a-half years away, but you wouldn't know it listening to the news media.  First there's Jeb Bush, Dubya's brother, former Florida governor ...


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