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Dominic Waghorn is based in Washington DC as Sky News US Correspondent. Before his posting to America, Dominic spent five years as Sky’s correspondent in the Middle East.

In his years in the Middle East Dominic covered the Arab Spring, two wars and the Haiti earthquake. He was among the first western journalists to enter Libya, days after the rout of Gadaffi forces in the east, dispatching a number of revelatory exclusives from Benghazi and the road to Ras Lanuf.

Dominic was also part of Sky’s award-winning team that covered the Egyptian revolution, from the outbreak of protests and the Friday of Rage to the downfall of Hosni Mubarak and the immediate aftermath. Dominic was the first British journalist to re-enter Gaza after Hamas’ violent takeover in 2007. He also won newspaper plaudits for his coverage of the 2009 Gaza conflict.

Dominic was formerly Sky News Asia Correspondent based in China.

His journalism has won numerous awards including RTS Television Journalist of the Year and News Item of the Year in 2007 for a series of investigative stories in China and South East Asia.

The same work won him Foreign Press Association Journalist of the Year award, One World Media Journalist of the Year and a Golden Nymph for Best TV News Item at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, as well as silver and gold at the New York Festival.

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Articles by Dominic Waghorn

  1. Extra Time For Obamacare Health Plans Sign-Up

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. Americans did have until March 31 to apply for coverage as part of President Obama's health care reforms, which made it mandatory to have health insurance. Missing the deadline risked people being fined ...

  2. Missing Plane Mystery 'May Never Be Solved'

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. Colleen Keller, who helped scour the Atlantic Ocean for flight AF447 after it disappeared en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, said identifying the search area was a major challenge. She fears the ...

  3. White House Still On Ukraine Diplomatic Track

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. At the White House Barack Obama sat next to new Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and promised: "We are firm in saying that we will stand with Ukraine in ensuring its sovereignty and the ...

  4. Snowden: NSA 'Targets Millions' With Malware

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. The latest Snowden revelation claims that the NSA and GCHQ are expanding a massive programme of state-sponsored malware infection. The NSA has also set up fake Facebook servers, to infect target computers, according to ...

  5. Banksy To Light Up Bloody Syria Milestone

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. What began as demonstrations in Damascus on March 15th 2011, turned violent as Bashar al Assad's regime forces opened fire on protestors. The conflict has now escalated into a bloody civil war that ...

  6. Snowden: NSA 'Set Fire To Future Of Internet'

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. The former NSA contractor singled out Keith Alexander and Michael Hayden during a Q and A session via live video link from Moscow, where he is currently exiled after the US revoked his passport ...

  7. Ukraine: Barack Obama's Legacy At Stake

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. One was inadvertently on display outside Downing Street on Monday - a proposal on a briefing paper ruling out economic sanctions that would affect the City of London. If Britain bases its response to the ...

  8. Ukraine: Obama Feeling Foreign Policy Pressure

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. If you wanted a bumper sticker slogan summing up Mr Obama's use of power overseas you could do worse than 'Not George W Bush's'". Where Mr Obama's predecessor had been ideologically ...

  9. Ukraine Is Game Of High-Stakes Poker For Obama

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. Actually it is more like high-stakes poker. The President plays poker and whether he likes it or not he is at the table for this game, up against the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. President ...

  10. Weatherman's Woe As US Polar Vortex Returns

    Posted by - Dominic Waghorn, US Correspondent. Local weatherman Ian Leonard has run out of ways of telling them what is on its way. "How do I make it entertaining?" he asks, only half in jest. Imagine his predicament. It is ...


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