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Ed Conway joined Sky News in August 2011.

He is the author of 50 Economics Ideas: You Really Need To Know.

Before joining Sky, Ed was Economics Editor of The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph.

Ed was the first to reveal the Bank of England's plans to create money through quantitative easing and to warn of the funding gap in the banking system which later led to the collapse of Northern Rock.

Ed has won a number of journalism awards. He was educated at Pembroke College, Oxford and the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, where he was a Fulbright scholar.

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Articles by Ed Conway

  1. How Far Are We In The 'Decade Of Lost Wages'?

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. As ever, when it comes to economic turning points, the numbers can differ significantly depending on how you cut them. So let's break them down ourselves. The figures most people are focusing on ...

  2. IMF Warns Investors Over 'Rock-Bottom Rates'

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor, in Washington DC. The IMF said that the amount of cash spent on leveraged loans - the high-debt instruments with financial problems - now exceeds the level in 2007 before the crisis. The same is the ...

  3. IMF Sees UK Growth Remaining Fastest In G7

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor, In Washington DC. The Fund said it expected Britain’s economy to expand by 2.9% this year – faster than any other G7 economy, and a significant upgrade from the 2.4% rate it ...

  4. 'Full Employment' A Successful Brand Snatch

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. The answer, as with so much else in the world of politics and economics, depends on who you ask. According to those who drafted post-war jobs legislation in the 1940s, it meant "the maintenance ...

  5. The £22bn Current Account Deficit Mystery

    Posted by - Ed Conway. In the era of the Gold Standard and Bretton Woods system, when a country’s economic policy was largely determined by its balance with the rest of the world, this measure of one’s international ledger ...

  6. Inflation: Cost Of Living Crisis Nears End

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. That’s the question tantalisingly raised by today’s inflation statistics, which show the cost of living has fallen from 1.9% in January to 1.7% in February. That fall, largely driven by ...

  7. Treasury Sources Tight-Lipped On Budget

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. There have been one or two measures dribbling their way on to the front pages in recent days, but far fewer than in recent years. That means one of two things: either there is ...

  8. Questions Of Trust As Bank Quizzed Over Forex

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. After all, it has taken on new far-reaching powers which make it the most important public sector body outside Westminster. It has come under fire for introducing not one but two new monetary policy ...

  9. Ukraine: Sanctions On Russia Would Be Effective

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. The rationale has two strands: first, that any bar on trade and finance with Russia would end up being worse for Britain than for Russia, and second, that Russia, with its experience of illicit ...

  10. Should UK Have Stockpiled Massive Oil Wealth?

    Posted by - Ed Conway. Britain, after all, is a large and highly diverse economy. But while it's not a pure petro-economy, by the same token there is simply no way the economy would have been as strong as it ...


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