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Ed Conway joined Sky News in August 2011.

He is the author of 50 Economics Ideas: You Really Need To Know.

Before joining Sky, Ed was Economics Editor of The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph.

Ed was the first to reveal the Bank of England's plans to create money through quantitative easing and to warn of the funding gap in the banking system which later led to the collapse of Northern Rock.

Ed has won a number of journalism awards. He was educated at Pembroke College, Oxford and the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, where he was a Fulbright scholar.

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Articles by Ed Conway

  1. Greece Agreement 'Old Deal In New Clothing'

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. Up until last night's bailout extension deal, the Greek finance minister spent most of his international media appearances addressing an international audience - speaking fluent, verbose English, taking questions from outlets from around the ...

  2. Tough Talks On Greek Debt As D-Day Looms

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. In the corridors and meeting rooms of the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels, Greece and its euro counterparts have been charged with discussing how to keep the struggling nation in the single currency. Their ...

  3. The Men Who Hold The Euro's Fate In Their Hands

    Posted by - Ed Conway. Even if you've been following euro crisis summits for years, the names probably don't ring any bells. But if a deal is finally struck to keep Greece in the euro in the coming weeks ...

  4. Is Greece Edging Closer To Euro Exit?

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. But, equally, no-one really expected it to end in the kind of acrimony we saw earlier in Brussels. In the event, what we have witnessed is yet another demonstration of what happens when the ...

  5. The Chancellor: A Man With 'A Long-Term Plan'

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. Somewhere outside Leicester, with his train travelling at upwards of 100mph, something smashed into the driver's windscreen. The train had to be taken out of service shortly afterwards. It's a useful (if ...

  6. Greek Sums Must Add Up In Test Of Mettle

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. It has triumphed at the ballot boxes despite massive resistance from investors and media. It has somehow persuaded the Greek people that it can turn around the economy and renegotiate the country’s bailout ...

  7. The ECB's Biggest Bazooka - But There's A Catch

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. As the minutes ticked on, the journalists sitting there looked around nervously and muttered to themselves. Might this have something to do with the momentousness of what he was expected to announce today? It ...

  8. ECB Expected To Announce Quantitative Easing

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. Before that jargon turns you off, this is big news. Quantitative easing - the printing of electronic money, which is used to buy government bonds - is the nuclear button in the central banking arsenal. It ...

  9. Why Record Inflation Fall Is Not All Good News

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. It's the lowest official inflation number for a decade-and-a-half, and the first time it has halved in the space of a month. Moreover, with oil prices continuing to fall – now below $50 a ...

  10. Will Greece's Crisis Mean Tragedy For The Euro?

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. For one thing, the elections mark almost exactly five years since the Greek economic crisis first exploded onto the world stage. In late January 2010 the then-prime minister George Papandreou stood up on the ...


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