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Ed Conway joined Sky News in August 2011.

He is the author of 50 Economics Ideas: You Really Need To Know.

Before joining Sky, Ed was Economics Editor of The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph.

Ed was the first to reveal the Bank of England's plans to create money through quantitative easing and to warn of the funding gap in the banking system which later led to the collapse of Northern Rock.

Ed has won a number of journalism awards. He was educated at Pembroke College, Oxford and the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, where he was a Fulbright scholar.

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Articles by Ed Conway

  1. Tax Crackdown: World Profit-Shifting Ban Looms

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said its plan would help prevent the kind of legal corporate tax avoidance which it is alleged has been used extensively by companies such as Apple ...

  2. EU Sanctions On Russia Will Come At A Price

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. Unlike the previous round of measures, these restrictions will affect whole sectors of the Russian economy. And, as a direct result, they will also affect European economies. The sectors in question are as follows ...

  3. Why The Fracking Row Will Roll On And On

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. And yet this is one of the main fronts in the fight between those who want to protect the countryside and those who want to safeguard the country's energy security. Shale gas is ...

  4. Why GDP Figures Don't Tell The Full Story

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. But only now is the economic depression finally over. Today's gross domestic product figures, which show total national income finally surpassing pre-crisis levels, mark that moment. But as many of you will know ...

  5. UK Economic Depression To Be Declared 'Over'

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. The ONS is expected to report that the economy grew by around 0.8% or 0.9% in the second quarter of the year. The increase in gross domestic product (GDP) will mean that ...

  6. Europe's Sanctions On Russia Avoid Self-Harm

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. So what, precisely, do the current sanctions consist of, have they been at all successful, and what might they be followed up with? In short, the current set of restrictions are, in the jargon ...

  7. The Biggest Five-Year Drop In Wages Since 1864

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. Britain is poorer ... much poorer ... than it was five or six years ago. If you don't believe me, take a look at gross domestic product - simply, the amount of income generated in the ...

  8. Public Vs Private Sector: Who Is Worse Off?

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. The question arises because of the mass strikes from state workers over their remuneration. Their complaint is that they have received unfair pay over the past few years - most notably because there is a ...

  9. Bank Of England Acts On London Property Bubble

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. After all, on the face of it, the two primary measures unveiled by the Financial Policy Committee are hardly likely to make much difference to the UK housing story. There's the new stress ...

  10. Carney Upstages Chancellor At Mansion House

    Posted by - Ed Conway, Economics Editor. The summer speeches from Britain's finance minister and the head of the central bank respectively are a key moment in the economic calendar. The pair lay out their agenda for the coming year ...


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