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Greg Milam joined Sky News in 2002 and since then has reported from as far afield as the Arctic Circle and Australia. He is currently Sky's US Correspondent. Greg has anchored coverage of two of the biggest stories of recent times: the death of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles and, from Ground Zero in New York, the death of Osama Bin Laden.

As well as the historic and turbulent presidency of Barack Obama and the most bitter political climate for decades, Greg has covered stories as diverse as the Tiger Woods scandal, the Arizona shooting rampage and the BP oil spill.

Greg moved to Washington from Brussels. His three years as Europe Correspondent included reporting from the scenes of crime, riots, disasters, political intrigue and the showbiz weddings of both Tom Cruise and Wayne Rooney.

As a news correspondent based in London, Greg reported from Iran and Iraq, the Middle East and Africa.

Greg has reported from more than 30 countries. He also spent a year as the presenter of Sky News Sunrise.

Before joining Sky, Greg worked for Anglia News in Norwich. He served his journalism apprenticeship at a news agency, covering news and sport for national newspapers. At 19, Greg reported from Romania on the aftermath of the fall of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

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Articles by Greg Milam

  1. US Mudslide: A Community Left Devastated

    Posted by - Greg Milam, Sky News US Correspondent, in Oso. "If it were me in there, she would do the same thing," he says. Summer Raffo, 36, was driving along Route 530 in Oso on Saturday morning when the giant ...

  2. Home Of Hollywood Suffering 'Film Flight'

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. 'Film flight' has seen the state, home to Hollywood and the Oscars, slip to fourth in the list of places where big money American movies are made. And officials in California are warning that ...

  3. Male Strippers Tackle Gunman At Vegas Casino

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. Police say the would-be burglar was armed with a .44 Magnum handgun and pointed the gun at the head of a Thunder From Down Under cast member before being subdued. A booking photo released ...

  4. Missing Plane Probe 'May Provide No Answers'

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. Thomas Anthony, a former security chief with the Federal Aviation Administration, told Sky News finding the aircraft, which disappeared nearly a fortnight ago with 239 people on board, is vital to solving many of ...

  5. Ben Carson Could Be GOP Hope For 2016 Vote

    Posted by - Greg Milam. For Republicans intent on winning back the White House, the answer might just be a brain surgeon. Dr Ben Carson is the new darling of the conservative movement. With Hillary Clinton a runaway favourite to be ...

  6. Oscars: Will UK-Style Weather Prove Good Omen?

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. Hollywood has seen 72 hours of torrential rain, thunder and lightning and flash flooding, hampering preparations around the Dolby Theatre ahead of the movie industry’s biggest night. Even a plastic roof, erected to ...

  7. Studios Spend Big On Oscars Campaigns

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. Hollywood has poured millions into a blitz of publicity aimed at winning votes from the 6,000 Academy members who hold the keys to Oscar glory. The sums spent - and the rare controversy of ...

  8. Mel Weinberg: The Real American Hustler

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. "Every time I go into a room, I put it on," he tells me. Such is the force of habit when bugs and wiretaps have been your way of life. Whether anyone would secretly ...

  9. US Power Grid Attack Sparks Fears Of Blackout

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. One of the country's top energy officials has told Sky News that an incident last year, which went almost unnoticed, was an alarming demonstration of what terrorists could be planning. Snipers fired dozens ...

  10. Obama Pledges Aid for Drought-Hit California

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. The president visited a farm in California to meet those affected and see the extent of the damage of a dry spell that has now gone on for years. More than 90% of the ...


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