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Greg Milam joined Sky News in 2002 and since then has reported from as far afield as the Arctic Circle and Australia. He is currently Sky's US Correspondent. Greg has anchored coverage of two of the biggest stories of recent times: the death of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles and, from Ground Zero in New York, the death of Osama Bin Laden.

As well as the historic and turbulent presidency of Barack Obama and the most bitter political climate for decades, Greg has covered stories as diverse as the Tiger Woods scandal, the Arizona shooting rampage and the BP oil spill.

Greg moved to Washington from Brussels. His three years as Europe Correspondent included reporting from the scenes of crime, riots, disasters, political intrigue and the showbiz weddings of both Tom Cruise and Wayne Rooney.

As a news correspondent based in London, Greg reported from Iran and Iraq, the Middle East and Africa.

Greg has reported from more than 30 countries. He also spent a year as the presenter of Sky News Sunrise.

Before joining Sky, Greg worked for Anglia News in Norwich. He served his journalism apprenticeship at a news agency, covering news and sport for national newspapers. At 19, Greg reported from Romania on the aftermath of the fall of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

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Articles by Greg Milam

  1. Los Angeles Drivers Face Carmageddon Sequel

    Posted by - Greg Milam, Sky News US Correspondent. Residents of a city famous for its attachment to cars and the daily gridlock that results have been warned that the "Century Crunch" could "could screw everything up" for drivers. Road closures ...

  2. 'Pregnant' Burglar Shot Dead By Homeowner

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. Tom Greer said he returned to his Long Beach home on Tuesday night to find a man and woman ransacking it for cash. The intruders knocked the retiree to the floor, but he managed ...

  3. Obama Challenges Putin With Controlled Fury

    Posted by - Greg Milam, Sky News US Correspondent. In recent crises, they've often found the current occupant of the White House to be otherwise engaged. Barack Obama's foreign policy "light touch" has threatened to come back to haunt ...

  4. Guatemalan Children Risk Lives To Get To US

    Posted by - Greg Milam, Sky News US Correspondent. Sky News spoke to some of the thousands ready to risk everything to try to reach a new life in the US. The town of Huehuetenango in Guatemala has become a staging ...

  5. Louis Zamperini: US Olympian And WW2 Hero Dies

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent, Los Angeles. Angelina Jolie, who has directed a movie about Zamperini's extraordinary life, due for release later this year, was among the first to pay tribute. She said his loss was "impossible to ...

  6. Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Net Plan Welcomed

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent, Los Angeles. Bridge officials have approved a $76m funding package for a net below the bridge, potentially bringing to an end decades of wrangling over the issue. Dan Barks, whose son Donovan committed suicide ...

  7. Barbara Walters Bows Out As Grande Dame Of TV

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent, Los Angeles. The 84-year-old is stepping down as presenter of the The View, the show she created 17 years ago, and bidding farewell to a remarkable on-camera career. She has interviewed every US president ...

  8. Family Feud Hampers Search For Missing Star

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent, Los Angeles. The 82-year-old former American Top 40 host, who suffers from dementia, was moved from a care home by his wife Jean and may have been taken out of the country. The multi-millionaire ...

  9. 'Botox' Plan For Iconic Beach Causes Uproar

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. Coastal erosion has stripped away almost all of the sand at Broad Beach in Malibu, a stretch of Californian coastline where the likes of Steven Spielberg and Dustin Hoffman own homes. Residents want to ...

  10. US Veterans Scandal: Shinseki Not Quitting

    Posted by - Greg Milam, US Correspondent. Eric Shinseki, the US Secretary for Veterans Affairs, said he is "angry" over the allegations of practices at a number of VA hospitals. Whistleblowers have claimed that staff at one, in Phoenix in Arizona ...


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