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Joel has reported on every aspect of the financial crisis and subsequent global recession: from tumbling asset prices and the collapse of Lehmans to rising unemployment and the tax-payer funded rescue of the banking system.

In addition to offering analysis on the twists and turns of a story as it develops, he also has a track record in original journalism. On 27th September 2008, he was the first broadcaster to reveal that Bradford and Bingley would not survive as an independent bank.

Joel broke several stories about the industrial disputes at Royal Mail and British Airways. Just before Christmas 2009 he revealed that the OFT was abandoning the legal action it had taken against the banks over their overdraft charges, leaving millions of customers out of pocket. In 2010, Joel has closely followed the business aspects of the BP oil spill crisis.

His interviews with Willie Walsh (Chief Executive of British Airways) Ratan Tata, Pierro Ferrari, Abdullah el-Badri (Secretary General of OPEC) and Sir Philip Hampton (Chairman of RBS) also made national headlines.

Prior to joining Sky News, Joel was a reporter / presenter for ITV Birmingham, anchoring the Evening News bulletin and occasionally co-presenting Central News at Six.

In 2001, Joel won the BT Regional Media Award for ‘Best Newcomer’, and was described by the judges as ‘a natural’.

Joel read English and Classical Literature at Exeter University followed by a PG Diploma in Broadcast journalism at Cardiff University.

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Articles by Joel Hills

  1. Wheels Wobbling On Barclays' Pay Revolution

    Posted by - Joel Hills, Sky News Business Presenter. The public will find the idea of the bank paying out more in bonuses at a time of falling profits utterly incomprehensible. The bank's shareholders will know that on more or ...

  2. Big Six Energy Firms: To Whom It May Concern

    Posted by - Joel Hills. I ask because had this private letter remained private - that is, not been deliberately leaked - then I think Mr Wright would have read it, scratched his head and then filed it away in "stuff I already ...

  3. Is This The Icarus Moment For Twitter?

    Posted by - Joel Hills. Of course there's no reason why both of these thing can't happen eventually but there's not compelling evidence currently that either is. Twitter's share price, which has been headed for the stratosphere ...

  4. Jaguar Land Rover Plans Could Boost UK

    Posted by - Joel Hills, Business Presenter. This is not because MPs tend to be men (although they do), but it is because cars are one of the things we make that the world seems to want to buy. Jaguars and ...


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