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Joey Jones is Sky News Deputy Political Editor. Since joining the political team in 2007, Joey has become a respected analyst of the Westminster scene and has developed a unique way of scrutinising Prime Minister’s Questions and other set-piece events, reviewing MPs' performances with detailed video analysis.

In 2009, he was nominated for the RTS Specialist Journalist award.

During the 2010 General Election, Joey accompanied David Cameron’s campaign and subsequently co-authored a book about the election and the formation of the government with Political Editor Adam Boulton entitled Hung Together.

Joey broke the stories of the resignations of Jacqui Smith and Hazel Blears and shadowed David Cameron throughout the 2010 General Election.

Joey went to school in Exeter, then studied History and English at Jesus College, Oxford. He was a reporter at BBC Radio Devon from 1997-1998, before moving to report for the Euronews channel, based in Lyon, from 1998-99.

Joey began working at Sky News in 1999 and became a full-time member of staff in 2002. Joey is a big jazz fan, enjoys cooking and plays the tenor saxophone.

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Articles by Joey Jones

  1. MPs Behaving Badly: Call For Tougher Rules

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. Kathryn Hudson urged the Commons to properly debate revisions to the Code of Conduct that were published in 2012, relating among other things to lobbying and the declaration of interests. She had already ...

  2. Carey's Boost To Right To Die Campaigners

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. That is why Lord Carey's intervention will be welcomed so enthusiastically by Lord Falconer and his colleagues who are bringing their assisted dying proposals to the House of Lords on Friday. Lord ...

  3. Miliband Fails To Land Killer Coulson Blow

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. The Prime Minister apologised once again for his mistake in employing Andy Coulson, but refused to accept he was guilty of "wilful ignorance" as Ed Miliband put it. Mr Cameron turned again and ...

  4. Glasgow 'Full Of Surprises' As Vote Draws Near

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. My welcome from the team at Sunny Govan Community Radio was equally unexpected: a chance greeting on the street as I walked around talking to people about their expectations for the referendum, now ...

  5. European Elections: UKIP Top British Polls

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. Sources from the other main parties have conceded Nigel Farage's party will win, with the leader hailing an "earthquake" in British politics. Coming a year ahead of the General Election, it will ...

  6. Public 'Expects' To See Election TV Debates

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. According to the Communications Committee of the Lords, the public wants and expects to see the debates happen. The committee expressed its concern that political jockeying risks a return to the historical pattern ...

  7. UKIP Set For Comfortable Win In Euro Elections

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. The poll confirms that in recent weeks Nigel Farage's party has leaped ahead of Labour, with the Conservatives in third place and the Liberal Democrats lagging well behind. The poll, which was ...

  8. Miller's Gone But Bad Signals Remain For PM

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. The story had dragged from day to miserable day for MPs, plunging them back into the story they hate most - expenses - and confronting them with the enduring hostility and suspicion of constituents. As ...

  9. Grisly Resignation Calls But Miller Sits Tight

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. A significant factor in the story (particularly given the distinct lack of ferocity from the Labour leadership) has been the consistent media onslaught, some of it doubtless fuelled by bad blood between newspapers ...

  10. Ed Miliband To Make EU Referendum Pledge

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor, and Anushka Asthana, Political Correspondent. The key initiative from the Labour leader is what he calls a "new lock" which means no in-out referendum unless there is a transfer of powers from the ...


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