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Joey Jones is Sky News Deputy Political Editor. Since joining the political team in 2007, Joey has become a respected analyst of the Westminster scene and has developed a unique way of scrutinising Prime Minister’s Questions and other set-piece events, reviewing MPs' performances with detailed video analysis.

In 2009, he was nominated for the RTS Specialist Journalist award.

During the 2010 General Election, Joey accompanied David Cameron’s campaign and subsequently co-authored a book about the election and the formation of the government with Political Editor Adam Boulton entitled Hung Together.

Joey broke the stories of the resignations of Jacqui Smith and Hazel Blears and shadowed David Cameron throughout the 2010 General Election.

Joey went to school in Exeter, then studied History and English at Jesus College, Oxford. He was a reporter at BBC Radio Devon from 1997-1998, before moving to report for the Euronews channel, based in Lyon, from 1998-99.

Joey began working at Sky News in 1999 and became a full-time member of staff in 2002. Joey is a big jazz fan, enjoys cooking and plays the tenor saxophone.

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Articles by Joey Jones

  1. US-UK Immigration: The Same But Different

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor in Washington. Immigration is dominating debate because Barack Obama has chosen the issue as his first battlefront against the newly Republican-dominated Congress. Conservatives are enraged as the President prepares to bypass the legislative ...

  2. Cosby Stays Quiet Amid Assault Allegations

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Washington Correspondent. Suggestions the 77-year-old former star of The Cosby Show might have been guilty of sexually assaulting a number of women in the past have long swirled in the background, but a number of factors ...

  3. Navy SEAL Describes Moment He Shot Bin Laden

    Posted by - Joey Jones, in Washington DC. The ex-serviceman was one of the fabled Seal Team Six that carried out the 2011 raid on the Al Qaeda figurehead's home in Abbottabad, Pakistan. But the highly controversial interview on Fox ...

  4. UKIP On Course To Bruise Labour And Tories

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. However, it lacks the one element that sows terror in the hearts of UKIP's political opponents - shock value. The Carswell defection in the dog days of summer silly season really did have ...

  5. Tory Talk: Playing Bingo With Cameron's Lingo

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. And if he has his way, he'll say it a thousand times more. So what other key words and phrases did he use in his address to the Tory gathering in Birmingham ...

  6. Extremist Groups Targeted By New Measures

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. She will tell delegates that the Home Office will drive through a new cross-governmental counter extremism strategy. Currently, the Home Office shares responsibility with the Department for Communities and Local Government. The move ...

  7. Defection Timed For Maximum Damage To Tories

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. Ever since Douglas Carswell switched to Nigel Farage's party last month, Mr Reckless has been the name most often mentioned as the next Tory likely to jump ship. He has not shown ...

  8. Labour's Struggle With Big Figures Of The Past

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. But it feels as though some parts of Labour history are still no-go areas. In particular, one would almost think there is a conspiracy of silence when it comes to the two most ...

  9. PM Faces Challenges Despite Referendum Victory

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. In recent days David Cameron had been contemplating the possibility of a break-up of the Union, an event that would define his premiership and would scar his place in history. But even as ...

  10. Scottish Referendum Is 'Too Close To Call'

    Posted by - Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor. The TNS poll, which puts the Yes and No campaigns equal on 41%, came as the leaders of the three main pro-union parties put on a united front to pledge new powers for ...


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