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A seasoned broadcaster and print journalist, Jon Craig joined Sky News’ highly respected political team in February 2003 and was appointed Chief Political Correspondent in July 2006.

One of the most experienced political journalists in the lobby, Jon has more than 25 years’ experience as both a print and broadcast Political Editor and has covered every major story from the Falklands War to David Cameron's successful bid to get to No.10. He also exclusively on Sky News, broke the news of Lord Levy’s arrest in connection with the cash-for-honours inquiry in July 2006.

Prior to joining Sky, Jon was Political Editor of BBC London, where he enjoyed a high-profile role presenting the BBC One news bulletins as well as presenting MetroPol, BBC2’s regional political programme for London.

Before joining the BBC, Jon was Political Editor of the Sunday Express for three years – prior to this he was Political Editor of the Daily Express. Whilst at the Express Jon frequently appeared as a newspaper reviewer and political pundit for Sky News. Jon also held the role of Political Correspondent of Today and Home Affairs Correspondent at The Sunday Times where he covered the 1987 General Election.

Jon began his journalism career as a graduate trainee with Thomson Regional Newspapers working on the Evening Gazette in Middleborough, he then went on to gain the roles of Parliamentary Correspondent and Senior Political Correspondent.

Jon gained an LLB at Southampton University, where he was also Student Union President after graduating.

Jon was chairman of the House of Commons Press Gallery in 1998. Before switching from newspapers to broadcasting he was described in the New Statesman magazine as "the best of the lobby hacks on TV”.

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Articles by Jon Craig

  1. Conservative Posters 'Fundamentally Stupid'

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent, in Glasgow. The former Scottish First Minister, now bidding to return to the Commons as an MP, said: "The Tory campaign is fundamentally stupid". Mr Salmond was taking part in a Q&A ...

  2. Sturgeon Is On Course To Be A Kingmaker

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent, in Glasgow. In a blockbuster of a speech to a conference packed with 3,000 SNP activists, she delivered a tough message to Ed Miliband about the price she will demand for keeping ...

  3. End Of Two-Horse Race Heralds Knife-Edge Poll

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent. Opinion polls suggest Labour and the Conservatives are neck and neck and hardly anyone is predicting an overall majority for either party. The possible outcomes are a minority government, another Conservative-led coalition with ...

  4. 'Ask The Chancellors': Sky News To Host Q&A

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent. An audience of entrepreneurs, start-up companies and local businesses will ask tough questions of the Chancellor and shadow chancellor at an event in London hosted by Sky News Political Editor Faisal Islam. Mr ...

  5. Six Key 'Leaks' Ahead Of Wednesday's Budget

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent. 1: Pensions Giveaway Up to five million people will be able to sell their retirement annuities for cash without facing a hefty tax bill, according to an authoritative and reliable briefing reported by ...

  6. Labour To Unveil General Election Pledges

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent. The Labour leader will unveil the list of vows, which the party hopes will simplify its message to voters, at a pre-election rally of more than 1,500 party members and supporters in ...

  7. Tory Poll: SNP Will Take Gordon Brown's Seat

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent. Labour is on course to lose Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath to the SNP with a 28.5% swing, one of dozens of gains predicted for Nicola Sturgeon’s party in Scotland at the expense ...

  8. UKIP To Reveal Oz-Style Immigration Policy

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent. The Australian-style system will be complemented by a new quango - a Migration Control Commission - whose job will be to cut net migration to the UK. In a speech in London, the UKIP leader ...

  9. MPs Vote Against Labour's Second-Job Ban Bid

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent. Voting was 287 to 219, a majority of 68, after an ill-tempered debate which followed an angry clash on the issue between David Cameron and Ed Miliband at Prime Minister's questions. During ...

  10. Is Cameron's Lab-SNP Warning A Double Bluff?

    Posted by - Jon Craig, Chief Political Correspondent, in Edinburgh. The same could have been said of David Cameron's whirlwind visit to the Scottish Tory conference in Edinburgh. He breezed in - late - after a visit to a shipyard in Glasgow ...


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