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Award-winning Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lisa Holland covers major news stories from around the globe. Lisa was integral to Sky News’ coverage of the Arab Spring spending much of 2011 in Libya. She was one of the first journalists allowed into Tripoli, by the Gaddafi regime, at the start of the uprising and continued to cover events in Tripoli until the fall five months later. Her exclusive interview with Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam drew widespread praise.

In 2010, a time when Colonel Gaddafi was still very firmly in power, Lisa secured unprecedented access to Libya to make the documentary Libya: The Stolen Children which was subsequently short-listed for a Royal Television Society award.

Lisa has covered the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon and has reported from most of the countries in the Middle East. Lisa went into Baghdad with the US marines as Saddam Hussein fell and was one of the first western journalists to enter Eastern Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

Working in Afghanistan was a remarkable experience for Lisa, but one which was blighted by the deaths of four fellow journalists who were shot dead when the convoy in which she and the Sky News team had been travelling in from Jalalabad to Kabul, was ambushed by the Taliban.

The end of the war in Iraq saw Lisa exclusively reveal an increase in birth deformities in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Other major events that Lisa has reported on include the Mumbai siege, the Asian tsunami and the Bali bomb.

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Articles by Lisa Holland

  1. Serbia: Eight Held Over Srebrenica Massacre

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Sky News Correspondent. Serbian police arrested eight men accused of taking part in the slaughter of more than 1,000 Muslim men and boys at a warehouse on the outskirts of Srebrenica.  Altogether, more than 8 ...

  2. Reasons For Optimism Over Ukraine Ceasefire

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Sky News Correspondent. Despite an agreement in Minsk last weekend between Moscow and Kiev, fighting has continued in eastern Ukraine. The two sides have been battling for weeks for control of Debaltseve and Ukraine says 80 ...

  3. Exclusive: Death Pact Of IS-Fighting Britons

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Foreign Affairs Correspondent. Jamie Read and James Hughes told how they dodged bullets during chaotic patrols with Kurdish forces after recording a "goodbye" video for their families in case they died. They described spending hours lying ...

  4. Pistorius Could Plead Case At Sentencing

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Foreign Affairs Correspondent. :: Click here for the latest on this story as Oscar Pistorius arrives in court to be sentenced Pistorius was cleared just over a month ago of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp but was ...

  5. Ashya's Parents Face Separation From Their Son

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Foreign Affairs Correspondent. Officers from Hampshire are flying out to the Costa del Sol to speak to Brett and Naghemeh King who have spent a night away from the child they risked everything for, taking him ...

  6. Ukraine: Can Merkel Broker A Breakthrough?

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Foreign Affairs Correspondent. First the meeting with Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko must send a united message to the Russians. Her visit comes just days before Mr Poroshenko will hold crucial talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin ...

  7. Iraq: Talks To Arm Kurds As PM Calls For Unity

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Foreign Affairs Correspondent. The UN has designated the humanitarian situation in northern Iraq as a "level three emergency", which is extremely serious, but foreign ministers meeting in Brussels are also focussing on how to push back ...

  8. World Leaders Wait For MH17 Smoking Gun

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Foreign Affairs Correspondent. Whilst America has stopped short of specifically blaming Russia  for the loss of nearly 300 lives on flight MH17, it has accused Moscow of fomenting the turmoil in the region.  President Obama and ...

  9. Ukraine Rights Abuses Flagged Up By Amnesty

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Foreign Affairs Correspondent. After the collapse of the pro-Russian government of President Yanukovych in February this year, Russia seized control of Crimea and separatists in the east of the country have been fighting Ukrainian government forces ...

  10. Fight Against Taliban 'Isn't Going Too Well'

    Posted by - Lisa Holland, Foreign Affairs Correspondent. For many years that meant a concerted campaign against British and Coalition forces operating in the country. But with the countdown to a pull-out of foreign forces by the end of the year ...


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