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Mark Stone joined Sky News in 2005 and has covered a wide variety of stories from the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya to the summer riots of 2011 for which he was described, in The Daily Telegraph, as “the bravest man in London”.

In July 2006, Mark was among the first British journalists to be embedded with the army in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He was the first journalist with an eyewitness report from inside the terminal of Glasgow Airport following the terrorist attack in June 2007. He met Alexander Litvinenko in London, two weeks before the former KGB spy was poisoned.

In 2011 Mark reported extensively from Libya on the uprising, the subsequent Nato intervention and the death of Muammar Gaddafi. He played a central role in Sky’s coverage of the London riots in August 2011. Using just an iPhone, he captured some of the most striking footage of the unrest. His confrontations with the looters engaged viewers and the impact of his work was immediate. His footage led bulletins on Sky and it was used by rival TV networks across the globe. Online, Mark's page became one of the most popular destinations on Twitter. Within 24 hours his videos had been viewed by nearly a million people.

Mark is one of just a handful of journalists to sit through almost every session of Britain's Iraq Inquiry giving him an extensive knowledge of the war in Iraq and the decisions behind it.

Before joining Sky, Mark spent three years at ABC News (America). He was based in Iraq for a year between 2003 and 2004. He reported on the capture of Saddam Hussein, the insurgency that followed and was part of a small team who were awarded an Emmy for their coverage of the war.

Mark was appointed as Sky’s Asia Correspondent in late 2012. He and his wife Millie live in Beijing, China.

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Articles by Mark Stone

  1. Rare Visit To Town At Centre Of Massacre Claims

    Posted by - Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent in Yarkand, China. According to several different sources, including the Chinese government, a riot between local Uighur Muslims and the Chinese military had left many people dead. The initial reports from the Chinese state ...

  2. Chinese War On Terror May Breed Extremists

    Posted by - Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent in Xinjiang Province, China. China's leaders say foreign Islamist extremists, perhaps with links to IS and al Qaeda, are infiltrating its population, responsible for growing unrest in the region. Since December, a series ...

  3. Hong Kong: Democracy Promises Ring Hollow

    Posted by - Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent. Mr Lu was the main representative of the Chinese delegation in the delicate negotiations for the handover of Hong Kong from Britain to China in 1997. Today, for many, those words will feel deeply ...

  4. Detainee Release Marks China Policy Shift

    Posted by - Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent. But in a rare and encouraging sign of a Chinese policy shift, Sky News understands that the group have not been returned to North Korea. The 10 men and women, in their 20s and ...

  5. Chinese Millionaire Bets On Horse Racing

    Posted by - Mark Stone, China Correspondent. The multimillionaire, who made his fortune in the concrete industry, is leading a drive to transform China into a global horse-racing centre. "I want to breed the best horses, best jockeys, and have the ...

  6. Jailed Chinese Pastor's Family Flee To Texas

    Posted by - Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent in Beijing. Zhang Shaojie's daughter, son-in-law and one-year-old granddaughter arrived in Dallas, Texas, on Monday after a journey which took them through five countries. Pastor Zhang, who was the leader of Nanle County ...

  7. GSK Bribery Probe: UK Investigator Charged

    Posted by - Mark Stone, China Correspondent in Beijing. Peter Humphrey and his wife Yu Yingzeng have been charged with illegally obtaining and selling private information according to China’s state news agency, Xinhua. Mr Humphrey, who is 58, and his ...

  8. North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Seems Unbalanced

    Posted by - Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent. Footage of Kim Jong-Un limping onto a stage in the country's parliament building was broadcast on North Korean state television. The young leader was attending a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the ...

  9. 'Dangerous' Typhoon Races Towards Japan Islands

    Posted by - Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent. Half a million people in Okinawa Prefecture have been urged to evacuate, with Japan's main broadcaster NHK warning of possible "extensive damage" caused by a storm surge. The storm was downgraded from its ...

  10. Chinese Christian Pastor Jailed For 12 Years

    Posted by - Mark Stone, China Correspondent in Beijing. Zhang Shaojie, the pastor of Nanle County Church in Henan Province, was charged with "gathering crowds to disturb public order" and "fraud" after a secret detention spanning seven months. The sentence was ...


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