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Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt covers crime stories worldwide and has broken exclusive news stories through his extensive network of contacts. He has been with Sky News since the beginning in 1989.

Martin’s contacts have led to Sky News being first to report that the July 7 events in London were the work of terrorists and allowed Sky News to break the news of the death of the Queen Mother.

Martin was first to report the arrest of Amy Winehouse and the resignation of Sir Ian Blair. He covered both the First Gulf War and the Balkan War.

During the Ipswich murders, a Suffolk Police Press Officer remarked to another journalist, as reported in the Times: ‘Call Martin Brunt. He knows everything before we do.’

Martin has traveled to the Philippines to investigate those trading in dog flesh, to South Africa to investigate the murder enquiry that began after a boy’s torso was found in the River Thames in 2001 and to Cambodia on the hunt for British paedophiles.

2010 saw Martin invited to Brazil where he was the first journalist to address Interpol’s annual fugitives’ conference and in 2011, from Lithuania, Martin covered the trial of Michael Campbell, a member of the Real IRA who was jailed for 12 years after buying weapons and explosives.

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Articles by Martin Brunt

  1. Key Defence Expert Flounders At Pistorius Trial

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent, in Pretoria. He was billed as an expert witness, someone with particular knowledge and experience and without any allegiance to one side. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel spent most of the day trying to show he ...

  2. Questions For Pistorius In The Witness Box

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. An unconvincing performance by the' Bladerunner' athlete could lead to his conviction for pre-meditated murder and a 25-year jail sentence. The backdrop to the case is a fear of armed intruders that is shared ...

  3. Pistorius Trial: Intense Day Takes Its Toll

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent, in Pretoria. For those of us who have travelled nearly 6,000 miles to be here, the trial of Oscar Pistorius has not disappointed. Day two has been a day of emotion and a ...

  4. Oscar Pistorius Trial Has Nail-Biting Start

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. The dozens of cameramen and journalists almost missed Oscar Pistorius as he crept up behind them in the pouring rain before slipping through the throng and into court. Perhaps they have seldom seen him ...

  5. Rose West Urged To Break Silence Over 'Killing'

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Cromwell Street murder investigation, Peter Bastholm said it was time for West to break her silence. Mary Bastholm was 15 when she disappeared without trace on a ...

  6. Steven Gerrard Relative On Most Wanted List

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. Robert Gerrard, 50, is said to be linked to a Rotterdam cafe that was used as a meeting place for drug gangs to negotiate with international cartels. Gerrard is thought to be a second ...

  7. Woolwich Killers 'Were No Immediate Threat'

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. In the language of the intelligence agencies, that means the Security Service was aware of their Islamic extremist views and their association with others but had no evidence they were planning any attack. Was ...

  8. Great Train Robbers Were A Bunch Of Villains

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. Of course they were villains and they never pretended to be anything else, though some learned to enjoy their notoriety and the attention of the media. One or two could legitimately be described as ...

  9. Mark Duggan Inquest: Jury Begin Deliberations

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. The coroner said they must be certain the officer who shot him did not honestly believe he needed to use force to defend himself or others and that Mr Duggan was not carrying a ...

  10. Spy In Bag: MI6 Man Probably Locked Himself In

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. The naked body of the 31-year-old was discovered in the bag in his central London flat in August 2010 triggering speculation that he had been targeted by foreign agents because of his work. However ...

  11. Benefits Fraudster Living In Spain Arrested

    Posted by - Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent. Norman Brennan, 70, was held at his home in Mijas on the Costa del Sol five years after admitting crimes and jumping bail at Liverpool Crown court. His ex-pat neighbours had alerted UK authorities ...


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