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Robert Nisbet is Sky News Europe Correspondent based in Brussels. He took up the post in August 2011 after four years in the Sky News Washington bureau where he covered the election and inauguration of Barack Obama, the death of Michael Jackson, the earthquake in Haiti and the rescue of the Chilean miners.

Since arriving in Brussels he has been immersed in the Eurozone debt crisis which has already taken him across the continent. Robert has also spent several days reporting on the growing crisis inside Syria after being granted a rare journalist visa.

Before he joined Sky News, Robert was a Special Correspondent at BBC News, working mostly for BBC One's 6 O'Clock News as well as Newsnight and Radio 4's Today programme.

He also co-presented the BBC One daytime current affairs programme The Morning Show.

Prior to that Robert was the Chief Reporter on the irreverent entertainment news show Liquid News and he spent several years working for BBC and independent radio.

Robert is a keen cinephile and has reported on film festivals around the world, including the Oscars seven times. He has interviewed stars and politicians as diverse as Mikhail Gorbachev, George Clooney, Prince Harry and three former US Presidents.

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Articles by Robert Nisbet

  1. Ukraine Crisis Is A Diplomatic Quagmire

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Europe Correspondent. Along the long border between Ukraine and Russia you have a complicated blend of ethnicities and loyalties in a riven country, being tugged by powerful forces in the East and the West.  Russia claims ...

  2. Obama Turns To Europe Amid Fears Over Russia

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Sky News Europe Correspondent. The talk in international foreign policy circles was that the new administration cared little about nurturing special relationships across the Atlantic. Instead it was said to be focused on two main objectives ...

  3. Putin's Shrewd Manoeuvre Muddies The Waters

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Europe Correspondent, in Brussels. It's a testament to some shrewd manoeuvring by the government of Vladimir Putin that the EU and the US seem unable to do it. Washington and European capitals have adopted the ...

  4. Infanta Cristina: Spanish Royal Faces Court

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Europe Correspondent. Princess Cristina is under formal investigation over claims a company she co-owned with her spouse Inaki Urdangarin was used to launder hundreds of thousands of euros from a charitable organisation. Urdangarin has already been ...

  5. Syrian People Unconvinced By Peace Talks

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Sky News Correspondent. The inhabitants were certainly paying attention. Traffic was noticeably lighter today after several days of extra security checks which had paralysed the capital. A local fixer for Sky News said: "They are all ...

  6. Syria Diplomatic Spat Mires Peace Talks

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Sky Correspondent, in Damascus. Iran has been invited to join the crowded table of some 40 countries and four supranational bodies trying to negotiate a settlement to end nearly three bloody years of civil war. The ...

  7. Belgium Shoots For World Cup 2014 Success

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Europe Correspondent. The Red Devils, who make up the country's national team, are now ranked 11th in the world, having powered up FIFA's rankings from 68th just four years ago, in one of the ...

  8. Hollande 'Deplores' Affair Allegations

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Europe Correspondent. Closer magazine claims to have captured a liaison between the French president and the 41-year-old at a Paris apartment block suggesting he arrived on a motorbike, his identity hidden beneath a black helmet, while ...

  9. Global Rough Diamond Trade Thrives In Antwerp

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, Europe Correspondent. The international diamond trade has been centred in the city since the 15th century. It is estimated that 85% of the global trade in rough diamonds passes through Antwerp, worth €43bn (£36bn) every year ...

  10. Nelson Mandela To Be Given Tribal Farewell

    Posted by - Robert Nisbet, in the Eastern Cape. The family have insisted the rites are woven into the service on Sunday, which will also incorporate the formality of both a state and military funeral. The Xhosa rituals involve the slaughtering ...


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