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Sam Kiley joined Sky News in 2010 to report on UK security at home and abroad. He has extensive contacts within the intelligence community and delivers the kind of breaking news on which Sky News has made its name. Sam has one of the most significant news briefs of the coming decade.

He is also a documentary maker and author and formerly worked as The Times’ Middle East and Africa Bureau Chief.

Sam had also been a frequent contributor to Sky News, Channel 4 and the BBC as a defence security analyst, before joining Sky News full time.

Sam has spent 20 years covering wars and the last 10 covering British overseas conflicts, travelling to hotspots including Israel, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Mozambique, Sudan, Iraq and Pakistan.

He also spent a full six-month tour on the frontline in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, the only journalist, at present, to have done so. From his research, Sam wrote the acclaimed book Desperate Glory which is a chronicle of men at war.

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Articles by Sam Kiley

  1. Russia Has Best Hand In Ukraine Poker Game

    Posted by - By Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor in Donetsk. Since the annexation of Crimea it has been Vladimir Putin's choice as to whether to fold or call or raise and with every round his pot appears to be ...

  2. Obama Raises Spectre Of War With Russia

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor. But tensions have shot up as a result of Barack Obama's jawing. For the first time in decades an American president has raised the prospect of war with Russia. "What I have ...

  3. Ukraine Pro-Russia Protesters Want Self-Rule

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor in Makiivka. "You need security," they snapped. It was difficult to guess whether this was an instruction or an offer. But the pro-Russian militants of Makiivka, an industrial city in the centre of ...

  4. Afghans 'Thought UK Troops Worked With Taliban'

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor. The research was paid for by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) but it has sought to suppress it. Former Captain Mike Martin said the clear conflict between British commitment to reconstruction and their ...

  5. Independence Claims May Trigger Ukraine Invasion

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor. This was the declaration of a Potemkin state, a pretend entity. But it is just the sort of incident that could set off an uncontrollable chain reaction. And it is no coincidence that ...


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