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Sam Kiley joined Sky News in 2010 to report on UK security at home and abroad. He has extensive contacts within the intelligence community and delivers the kind of breaking news on which Sky News has made its name. Sam has one of the most significant news briefs of the coming decade.

He is also a documentary maker and author and formerly worked as The Times’ Middle East and Africa Bureau Chief.

Sam had also been a frequent contributor to Sky News, Channel 4 and the BBC as a defence security analyst, before joining Sky News full time.

Sam has spent 20 years covering wars and the last 10 covering British overseas conflicts, travelling to hotspots including Israel, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Mozambique, Sudan, Iraq and Pakistan.

He also spent a full six-month tour on the frontline in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, the only journalist, at present, to have done so. From his research, Sam wrote the acclaimed book Desperate Glory which is a chronicle of men at war.

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Articles by Sam Kiley

  1. Middle East: Complex Web Of Friends And Foes

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor. Neither the Israelis nor Hezbollah, which has an arsenal of 100,000 rockets and controls southern Lebanon, are that stupid. The missile attack on Israel's north was an attempt by Sunni militants ...

  2. The Calculus Of Conflict For Hamas And Israel

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor. Hamas and its allies will be delighted to know that some 3.5 million Israelis have been added to their potential target list with the launching of long-range rockets which have landed close ...

  3. Lots To Talk About On Kerry's Diplomatic Tour

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor, in Baghdad. His first stop: Cairo, now ruled by Field Marshall Abdel Fatteh al Sisi. Once a vital US ally in the Middle East, Egypt saw its democratic hopes shattered by a military ...

  4. Iraq Political Limbo Sees PM Lose Support

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor, in Baghdad. The nation has languished since elections on April 30 in a political limbo that arguably undermined faith in the central government, even among the Shia-dominated armed forces. That might, partly, explain ...

  5. Saddam's Red-Haired Iraq Deputy Back In The Fray

    Posted by - Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor, in Baghdad. More precisely, the King of Clubs, as Izzat Ibrahim al Douri - the most senior surviving member of Saddam Hussein's inner circle - was dubbed in the US Most Wanted deck of ...


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