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Sophy Ridge joined Sky News in January 2010 as Political Correspondent, working predominantly on the channel’s Sunrise programme.

Since joining Sky News, Sophy has gained recognition for her broadcasting at the annual party conferences and during the closure of the News of the World. Last year she launched a popular Waste Watch blog, tracking Government spending.

Sophy has won a number of journalism awards. In 2012 she received a Gold Award in the MHP communication consultancy awards. She was singled out for her engaging political broadcasting, her excellent use of social media and her ability to "even keep Adam Boulton on his toes."

In 2011 she was named as the top-rated female political blogger in the Total Politics Blog Awards.

Previously, Sophy worked for the News of the World’s political team. Her exclusive stories included an undercover sting on MEP Tom Wise which led to a jail sentence for fraudulent expenses and an exposé on Lib Dem Chief Executive Chris Rennard’s second-home claims, which forced him to quit.

Sophy graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English Literature and enjoys reading in her spare time.

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Articles by Sophy Ridge

  1. Scottish Referendum Fight Gets Interesting

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. In particular, polls that are unexpected or surprising are dismissed out of hand as "rogue". But the most recent YouGov poll on Scottish independence is different. It shows a startling narrowing in the Yes ...

  2. Carswell Does The Defect To UKIP Challenge

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. UKIP had a significant announcement, journalists were told. We would receive an embargoed briefing on the details by 8am the next morning, and then Nigel Farage would do a news conference at 11am. Embargoes ...

  3. UKIP Poll Reveals 12 'Most Wanted' Seats

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Most of the seats are held by the Conservatives and they tend to be situated across the southern half of England. However, two - Grimsby, and Boston and Skegness - are further north. The best chance ...

  4. 'Loud And Shouty': Referendum Debate Reaction

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. 1. The first controversy wasn't about currency or oil - it was Alex Salmond's decision to walk away from the lectern. @Nottstractor: "Don't like the way Alex Salmond keeps leaving his lectern ...

  5. Polls Do Not Mean War In Iraq Will Be Popular

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Of the MPs I have spoken to, 15 have said they would support it compared to just three who would be against. This poses a dilemma for the Prime Minister. After the bloody, protracted ...

  6. Why Cameron Wants To Avoid War In Iraq

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Margaret Thatcher hit her peak in the polls in June 1982 after the recapture of the Falklands. When George Bush declared a "war on terrorism" on September 21, 2001, his approval ratings jumped to ...

  7. Farage MP Bid: Westminster's Worst Kept Secret

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. UKIP was keen to make the official announcement in a few weeks' time, but a local official has let the cat out of the bag. Rozanne Duncan, the South Thanet party secretary, told the ...

  8. Labour Defends Miliband's 'Rude' WWI Wreath

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. David Cameron hand-wrote a tribute but cards from Mr Miliband and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg merely stated their job titles, prompting online criticism. A Labour spokesman said: "Ed Miliband was not given the ...

  9. Police Reviews Aimed At Improving Public Trust

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Amid concern that too many complaints against the police are investigated by forces themselves, the Home Secretary said she wanted to see a wide range of changes to make the police more open and ...

  10. The Downing Street Catwalk Row Decoded

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. While most Westminster watchers were focusing on who got what job, for the Daily Mail it was all about the "Battle of the Downing Street catwalk". (If you're interested, Esther McVey won.) The ...


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