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Sophy Ridge joined Sky News in January 2010 as Political Correspondent, working predominantly on the channel’s Sunrise programme.

Since joining Sky News, Sophy has gained recognition for her broadcasting at the annual party conferences and during the closure of the News of the World. Last year she launched a popular Waste Watch blog, tracking Government spending.

Sophy has won a number of journalism awards. In 2012 she received a Gold Award in the MHP communication consultancy awards. She was singled out for her engaging political broadcasting, her excellent use of social media and her ability to "even keep Adam Boulton on his toes."

In 2011 she was named as the top-rated female political blogger in the Total Politics Blog Awards.

Previously, Sophy worked for the News of the World’s political team. Her exclusive stories included an undercover sting on MEP Tom Wise which led to a jail sentence for fraudulent expenses and an exposé on Lib Dem Chief Executive Chris Rennard’s second-home claims, which forced him to quit.

Sophy graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English Literature and enjoys reading in her spare time.

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Articles by Sophy Ridge

  1. Digital Democracy: Call For Online Voting

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Social media and online campaigning is expected to have a huge influence on the General Election in four months' time. However, the Digital Democracy report found that Westminster must do more to embrace new ...

  2. Uber Drivers Earn More Than Traditional Taxis

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, in Washington. The technology firm's internal data shows drivers earn around $6 an hour more than their professional rivals. In Washington, the difference is $4.60, in San Francisco $10 and in New York closer ...

  3. Cameron And Obama Face Similar Dilemma

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, in Washington. He is the leader of a nation and firmly believes he has a good story to tell on the economy. However, his opponents won't stop complaining that most people simply are not feeling ...

  4. Cameron And Obama's Bromance Works Both Ways

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent, Washington. The reality? It was equally about showing Barack Obama and David Cameron are more than just Facebook friends. David Cameron is "a great friend", the President cooed, before introducing "my good friend David ...

  5. UK And US To Stage Cyber War Games To Test Banks

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent, in Washington. During talks in Washington David Cameron and President Barack Obama also agreed to set up of a joint "cyber cell" to defeat cyberattacks, the White House said in a statement. The unprecedented ...

  6. PM: Terrorists Must Be Denied 'Safe Space'

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. The Prime Minister, who is in Washington to meet President Obama and discuss the need to intercept internet communications and the setting up of a joint cyber "cell" to defeat cyber attacks, said there ...

  7. Top MP's Demand Over CIA Torture Report

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Sir Malcolm Rifkind, chair of the Commons committee, is seeking any intelligence relating to the UK that was redacted from the explosive Senate report into the CIA. It concluded that the CIA lied over ...

  8. Tory Candidate Accused Of Xmas Card Sexism

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Tania Mathias is the prospective Conservative MP in the decidedly winnable seat of Twickenham, where she is up against Lib Dem veteran Vince Cable. But some residents are not impressed after receiving a friendly ...

  9. Labour Signals Real Differences On The Deficit

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Take these from the Labour leader's much-billed speech on the economy: :: "Unless there is a strategy for dealing with the deficit, it is working people who will end up paying the price of ...

  10. UKIP Acted Quickly On Sexual Harassment Claim

    Posted by - Sophie Ridge, Political Correspondent. UKIP's general secretary Roger Bird has denied claims that he sexually harassed a newly recruited member. Natasha Bolter - a teacher and former Labour campaigner - claims Mr Bird propositioned her over dinner on the ...


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