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Sophy Ridge joined Sky News in January 2010 as Political Correspondent, working predominantly on the channel’s Sunrise programme.

Since joining Sky News, Sophy has gained recognition for her broadcasting at the annual party conferences and during the closure of the News of the World. Last year she launched a popular Waste Watch blog, tracking Government spending.

Sophy has won a number of journalism awards. In 2012 she received a Gold Award in the MHP communication consultancy awards. She was singled out for her engaging political broadcasting, her excellent use of social media and her ability to "even keep Adam Boulton on his toes."

In 2011 she was named as the top-rated female political blogger in the Total Politics Blog Awards.

Previously, Sophy worked for the News of the World’s political team. Her exclusive stories included an undercover sting on MEP Tom Wise which led to a jail sentence for fraudulent expenses and an exposé on Lib Dem Chief Executive Chris Rennard’s second-home claims, which forced him to quit.

Sophy graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English Literature and enjoys reading in her spare time.

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Articles by Sophy Ridge

  1. British Politics Splintering As Loyalty Erodes

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. You're the Prime Minister shedding support to a man who believes the EU is "a thirsty vampire feasting on the UK taxpayer's blood". Then just weeks before a crucial by-election against UKIP ...

  2. PM's Feminist T-Shirt Stance Doesn't Stack Up

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. But there is one F word that David Cameron just can't bring himself to say. For their special feminism issue, Elle Magazine asked Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron to put on ...

  3. Big Brussels Bill A Boost For Tory Opponents

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. It was a typical Brussels ambush... or was it? Officials have been pouring over the figures since 1995 to try to work out who should be paying what. If a country's economy did ...

  4. The By-Election Campaigns Told In Tweets

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. The Clacton count has seen UKIP gain its first elected seat in Parliament, and their supporters have been out in force. There have been more than 42,600 tweets about the Clacton and Heywood ...

  5. Farage's Flowers Offer Won't Solve Women Issue

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Facing questions from journalists about whether his party has a woman problem, he responded by asking: "What do you want me to do? Go and sell flowers?" Incidentally, he also spent the day posing ...

  6. Heywood By-Election: Miliband On Shaky Ground

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. It says a lot about Labour's position that his trip to Heywood and Middleton is anything but safe. The friendly fire is turning into a barrage. A trio of grandees - the donor John ...

  7. Henning Murder: How Will The Govt Respond?

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Alan Henning was a taxi driver who was inspired to travel hundreds of miles in an aid convoy to try to help the suffering of people in Syria. His death is both horrific and ...

  8. Back In Conflict, But This Time It's Different

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. The Government is (rightly) quick to point out why this time, it is different. The Iraqi government has made a formal request for British help in defending itself against IS and the US-led coalition ...

  9. 10 Things UKIP Must Do To Boost Credibility

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Thanks to a parliamentary vote on air strikes in Iraq, international events threaten to overshadow their conference. Nevertheless, it's a big opportunity for Nigel Farage's party to reach out to voters and ...

  10. Minimum Wage: Politicians Must Strike Balance

    Posted by - Sophy Ridge, Political Correspondent. Labour leader Ed Miliband has opened his party conference with a promise that a Labour government would increase the minimum wage to £8 by 2020. When I spoke to minimum wage workers in Manchester ...


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