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Tim is a leading authority on foreign affairs and has reported from more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

During the 2011 ‘Arab Spring’ Tim covered stories from Tunisia and Libya, and was part of the reporting team awarded a Golden Nymph award for its dramatic TV coverage from Egypt.

He has covered the wars in Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Tim has previously been Diplomatic Correspondent, Middle East Correspondent and Europe Correspondent for the channel before being made Foreign Affairs Editor.

Tim is also the author of ‘Shadowplay’, a best-selling (and award-winning) chronicle of the Kosovo War and the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic.

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Articles by Tim Marshall

  1. How Long Can The ISIS 'Caliphate' Survive?

    Posted by - Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. If that is the case it is not a state as the modern world recognises the concept, nor is it likely to survive. As for the declaration that al Baghdadi is now "leader for ...

  2. Iran Embassy: 'Iraq Crisis Concentrated Minds'

    Posted by - Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. The Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the move in a written statement to Parliament saying "Over the past four months, we have continued to expand our bilateral engagement. British and Iranian officials have paid ...

  3. Iraq Crisis Brings America And Iran 'Closer'

    Posted by - Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. This in turn would help the ongoing dialogue between the two countries about Iran's alleged nuclear weapons programme. Shia-dominated Iran does not want Iraq's Shia-led government to fall and is moving to ...

  4. Iraq Facing Sectarian Split After ISIS Advance

    Posted by - Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. If you take the view that an ISIS victory is not a good thing, then the mitigation is to shore up the Iraqi government forces. They look strong enough to hold the capital, especially ...

  5. Iraq Unrest Threatens To Redraw Middle East

    Posted by - Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. The violence is also further proof that the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have merged and threaten further instability throughout the region. Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) overran ...

  6. Hostage Video Rare Glimpse Into Mind Of Enemy

    Posted by - Tim Marshall. We see several fighters armed with rifles and at least one grenade launcher. They carry white flags. This symbol of a truce is also the Taliban flag. The numbers and types of weapons for both sides ...

  7. Dream Of United European Family Under Threat

    Posted by - Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. Most polls suggest a surge of support across the European Union for what have previously been regarded as fringe parties, notably, those of the right. Central to this is anxiety about the future, and ...

  8. Sudan Death Sentence Rooted In 6th Century

    Posted by - Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. If you accept the rationality, and validity, of those laws, for that country, then you can accept that hanging a woman after having whipped her is the correct response to her allegedly renouncing Islam ...

  9. Floods Could Spread Mines Hundreds Of Miles

    Posted by - By Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. The record high floods have triggered landslides, some in areas which were minefields during the Bosnian war of 1992-95.  The landslides have dislodged some of the munitions which are now in unmarked places ...

  10. UK Tourists Flee Kenya After Terror Warnings

    Posted by - Tim Marshall, Diplomatic Editor. Similar advice has been issued by the governments of France, Australia and the US - prompting travel company Thomson to begin evacuating its 400 customers from the country. Holidaymakers are being advised to leave unless ...


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